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AnnaBlog! - Current news and commentary from Joyce Tabor at Annabelle Doodles


Prospective puppy adopters should beware of online puppy brokers that post photos from multiple breeders without giving the kennel/breeder name, that have literally hundreds of websites on the internet.

The brokering company never sees the puppies, the kennels, or meets the breeders.

This is serious. Puppy mills can "hide" inside this puppy broker site as their kennel names or last names are never given on the broker site. Prospective buyers aren't able to do a search for the breeder on the internet to verify their integrity or quality, or to see if a particular breeder has complaints on the Better Business Bureau or other complaint and ripoff report sites.

Buyers are advised to do a GOOGLE search for the website name follwed by the words "complaints" or "reviews". Various websites for rip-off reporting and consumer complaints will come up, with reports from their previous customers.

why I don't advertise that I sell 'true' Australian Labradoodles?

The brief answers are I don't like the politics of being in a club/registry and with regard to breeding 'true' Australian Labradoodles, I prefer to keep some of the Labrador genetics in the actual dog!

To expand on the registries, they do have a function and some of them, especially the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) have a wonderful database of pedigrees which is extremely helpful to so many breeders of our hybrid. I thought of joining the newest 'kid in town' registry, namely the Association of Reputable Breeders (ARB) but when I questioned them regarding calling my vet about my testing protocol, they informed me that they did not ask that question at all, but just wanted to be sure that my dogs DID visit my vet for routine care. Hmmmmm.... that was all??? I found their testing requirements to 'be reputable' well below my normal, routine testing requirements, so I passed on joining. They did have an interesting paragraph on being mediators if a problem should arise with a client, but if you are already honest, ethical and run a program with integrity, you should be able to mediate any issues that might occur.

Registries are quite simply - a club. I have been in many clubs in my lifetime and don't wish to join another at the moment. As I said, I don't like the politics. Yes, I have checked all of them out, but the goals I have set for my program have always exceeded every single registry available in the past and present. When there is one that is equal to what I do routinely in testing, I will consider joining. I do consider the goals that the registries provide for producing puppies that will improve on the breed very important and the proof of complying to this can be seen on my website via the puppy pics and adults. My testing protocol on every dog is also posted for all to see. Every client gets copies of each parental test including a proven, detailed pedigree with their pup.

I like things simple and I prefer my website to be a place of information. I do not wish to banter on which type of Labradoodle is better; but rather which type of Labradoodle is the right one for you, the client. Yes, I definitely read the information on the many registries and I strive to produce Labradoodles of exceptional pet quality. I utilize the services of my various vets and my Certified Animal Behaviorist to keep producing puppies of great health, confirmation and wonderful temperaments that fit my customer requests.

I also utilize the great marketing of the true Australian Labradoodle name because I do love and own the Australian Labradoodle lines that include the American or English Spaniels and their Spoodle/Cockapoo blends over the lines that are primarily Poodle. By blending American Labradoodle lines in my breeding program, I keep the Lab genes in the Labradoodle and prevent inbreeding by keeping the pedigrees clean. I adore using a quality tested Cockapoo hybrid as well to add nice coats and to keep the size to a medium with excellent boning. I like my formula and I hope you like it too.

Breeder of small mediums and miniature size Australian Labradoodles.
We do not breed Standard size Australian Labradoodles.

We are a boutique breeder with limited litters per year. We welcome visits and do not ship for any reason. Come meet us and see how your pup is raised!


ADNE Labradoodle puppies cost $2,750.00.

(Please read about our Guardian Program below for monetary benefits)
Please note:
There is no possible way to guarantee your pup will be a particular
height or weight. Yes, knowing the size of the parents is
helpful but the genes/traits being passed down cannot be 100% controlled in
animals or humans. There will always be a range of probabilities.

I breed primarily for miniatures and mediums.
20 to 38 lbs. +/-

Due to my husband's upcoming surgery, I

I will not have any pups to go home until March.

Thaddeus Dood and Daisy have mated and I expect
mini to small medium size pups in late December..
Pregnancy confirmed!

Applications are welcomed.

Check the AnnaBlog for updates!


Please be sure to have orange on all your pets!


This handsome male is MacGregor and his

smart owners made sure he has

his orange scarf on!


Go to AnnaBlog to enjoy pics of our current and past litters.
Tons of posts, pics and information!


Mother Nature is in charge of cycles, how the DNA genes are
distributed for colors and how many puppies will arrive.
We make calculated guesses & hope for the best!

(As with all planned breedings, we reserve the right to choose breeding pups from
any litter. It should also be noted that it is sometimes necessary to change studs
or dams of planned future breedings due to the interference of Mother Nature.


Please note that we do allow visitations to meet our dogs but you must fill out an application and follow our safety requirements.
You are under no obligation.



When I am assessing a litter, it is always in my best interest to keep one or two pups to consider for breeding stock. A guardian home candidate gets the 'cream of the crop' which is the pup with the best coat, confirmation, temperament, head shape, intelligence and trainability. I begin the screening process early - and then add more testing after a year of growth. Once I have the testing results, I then plan her/his breeding strategy. This screening continues with annual eye exams and blood tests while in our program.

Guardian pup candidates are a 'cut above' from their littermates. Do they always pass my stringent testing protocol? No. When they don't, you still purchased the best breeding candidate pup in the litter. (Every contract is custom made for each guardian and confidential.)

Below is a short breakdown to be a Guardian Home at Annabelle Doodles of New England. A more explicit and detailed contract is drawn up for signatures.

  • a fenced yard is preferred but Invisible Fence is okay
  • a 'stay at home parent' or one who works only part time or working parents that can provide doggie daycare 2 to 3 times per week or a daily doggie walker.
  • experienced dog owners or people willing to take classes with positive training philosophies do best with Labradoodles as they tend to be soft natured
  • live less than an hour of our location in No. Berwick, Maine or near Rochester, N.H. where my vet is located. (Broadview Animal Hospital) or close to Southern Maine Veterinary Hospital in Lyman, Maine. Exceptions have been made for those willing to do all the driving.
  • can provide routine professional grooming or willing to learn how to groom properly
  • a willingness to transport to me as needed for vet testing appointments and breeding
  • a good communicator that has a flexible nature
  • Provide an approved excellent commercial diet. Raw is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Contracts for females are generally for three litters at my discretion (Dam is away from the family for approximately 6 weeks.) Once a week visits to the dam are welcomed. Also, 'play dates' for the dam to visit back with their family is encouraged during her time away. Our male guardian dogs have a longer contract but are only needed for a few hours at a time.
  • Guardian Home doodles are prenamed and cannot be changed due to the extensive paperwork and testing protocol done under that name.

A refundable deposit of $1,375.00 (half pet price) is required.  If the pup passes my testing
protocol (which also includes proper training), this 'deposit' is returned to you.
Most of my guardian girls have two to three litters only.
Studs are used for five years or so.

All guardian dogs remain with you and your family.

Please contact Joyce at Annabelle Doodles of New England
if you are interested in joining our guardian program.
Located in North Berwick, Maine.




  2. ASSOCIATION LOGOS - know what they offer you.


The brief answers are:

  • With registries, organizations, clubs, etc. there is always politics. I love participating in the various discussions, but choose not to be an active member at this time. More in section (1) below.

  • What do association logos really mean? Take the time to find out about testing qualifications and which tests are required or merely suggested - it makes a difference. Compare those answers with what my program gives you for testing proof, ethics, guarantees and puppy benefits/ services. Read section (2).

  • There is so much confusion as to what defines an Australian Labradoodle. Section (3) explains this further.

(1) To expand on the registries, they do have a function - especially to inform breeders about the Labradoodle breed standards and to provide guidelines for conducting your business professionally.

Annabelle Doodles of New England absolutely strives to improve the Labradoodle breed. How? With careful complimentary matings that are balanced; using pedigrees that are clean and not closely inbred; and by having uncompromising ethics that govern my program. The guidelines used by the registries are helpful but my program has always been to keep the original reason for producing Labradoodles - hybrid vigor, health and temperament! Yes, a low to non-shedding coat is a definite plus, but that was never the only reason for breeding Labradoodles.

With regard to our professionalism, we welcome any potential client who desires to talk with our past puppy owners to discuss our integrity or customer service.


(2) Logos? No, I don't have association club icons all over my website - instead I have testing proof. All results are shown below each breeding dog's pic under 'Current Breeders' in the AnnaBlog section. Each OFA certified test has a qualification number; some tests have a genetic DNA indicator of the result. To me, having the actual identification numbers of a test done is far more transparent than a club decal of which you have no idea what it represents in actual test scores. I cannot stress enough to anyone purchasing a puppy to request that you see proof of all testing claimed on a website. It has been my unfortunate experience to find some websites very misleading and without proof especially with the term 'parental clearances'. Ask to see proof of all the testing when you visit your breeder or request they mail (email/scan) copies to you before you put a deposit down.

I welcome questions or concerns about any test and my vet is happy to talk to you as well. As always, our owners receive a copy of each individual test done on their pup's parents in the puppy's packet.


(3) 'I only want a 'pure' Australian Labradoodle'. Do you really know what one is? Or is your decision based on the marketing hype rather than the qualifications of the puppy? Please copy and paste the link below about how the co-founders that developed this wonderful breed allowed greed to cloud their judgement and future. What might have begun as a 'research center' turned into an Australian puppy farm(s). This is not to say that the original intent was not a good one, it does say that money, not health, became their focus when 'Designer Dog' became a household word. As a conscientious breeder, I would be remiss if I did not allow the public to draw their own conclusions regarding this link.

The history as we know it: Originally, it was the mating of a Labrador and a Poodle done by an Aussie for a blind woman whose husband had allergies. The original hybrid dogs were then sold to Australian breeders. These dogs were then infused (or bred) with other breeds and hybrids to become a 'three or more' breed combination which is necessary to eventually become an accepted breed in the AKC. Clever marketing called this version an 'Australian Labradoodle' and U. S. breeders were told it was a secret recipe. DNA research done in the U.S. has revealed that some lines of the Australian Labradoodle differ from the 'Original' version by the addition of the Spaniels/Spoodles (Cockapoos) and other breeds at appropriate times.

The Australian Labradoodle is not 'just a mix'. In the beginning, this wonderful hybrid was 'purpose bred' for health, temperament, low shedding and vitality. Let's not lose this vision. I believe it is critical to keep the multiple breed recipe in the Australian Labradoodle intact by selectively blending unrelated, healthy, tested stock for genetic integrity. In-breeding or excessive line breeding will diminish this as it has done to the AKC breeds. Don't be fooled by a 'label'. Only quality stock with careful and minimal repetition of lines has the best chance of producing both hybrid vigor and sound temperaments.

Producing Australian Labradoodle puppies of stout health, confirmation and emotional stability requires appropriately balanced parent stock dogs, quality care and a dedication to the purpose of the breed. The standard should not be determined solely by a place of origin, but rather a representation of the wholesomeness of the purpose bred hybrid. To strive toward these standards, responsible breeders ask themselves questions such as: 'Does this dog have a stable and sweet temperament? Is it a good representation of the breed's conformation? Is the coat low to non-shedding? Do the pups show trainability and intuition? Does it have the proper breed make up for the recipe of Labrador, Poodle, American or English Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel or Spoodle blend?'

A genuine Australian Labradoodle has all of these qualities irregardless
of where it was bred or who bred it.




Prospective puppy adopters should be aware of online puppy brokers that post photos from multiple breeders without giving the kennel/breeder name that have
literally hundreds of websites on the internet.

The brokering company never sees the puppies, the kennels, or meets the breeders.

Puppy mills can "hide" inside this puppy broker site as their kennel names or last names are never given on the broker site. Prospective buyers aren't able to do a search for the breeder on the internet to verify their integrity or quality, or to see
if a particular breeder has complaints on the Better Business Bureau
or other complaint and ripoff report sites.

Buyers are advised to do an internet search for the website name
followed by the words "complaints" or "reviews".
Various websites for 'rip-off reporting and consumer complaints' will come up
with reports from their previous customers.

Be smart - visit your breeder before buying!

• • • •


ADNE is a 'boutique' breeder of quality Labradoodle puppies. We are a small but exclusive breeding program by design and intention. You will not find us raising several litters at once for sale as our goal is to always improve on this hybrid through education, research and health testing. Much time is spent on raising ONE litter with detailed attention to customer service with a strong focus on puppy socialization through client visits at our home where each litter is raised. To that end, we believe that in order to produce healthy, happy, well adjusted and socialized puppies, it is necessary to....

  • Spend many hours on pedigree research to balance temperament, coat and size.  
  • Keep linebreeding and inbreeding to a minimum which will be verified by pedigree.
  • Utilize the concept of early spay and neuter for the males AND females. (For info, please research and read about this on my AnnaBlog Index).
  • Many times our pups go through a stimulous program called Early Neurological Stimulation.  (Please research and read, it is very worthwhile.)
  • Have each and every pup's placement be determined by the expertise of our trainer to fit into your lifestyle as described in your application.  It is extremely important that you understand that personality not 'looks' determine the best puppy for you and your family.  It is necessary that you be willing to work within three choices. There will be times when a pup is suggested NOT within these choices.
  • Do recent and appropriate testing of the parent dogs - see Current Breeders in my AnnaBlog.
  • Kept for 9 weeks, have their initial vaccine, are doggie door trained, sleep from approximately 10 pm to 5:30 am in their crate area, microchipped and very well adjusted to house noises.

We are committed to you to provide honest answers to questions, proof of a healthy puppy and a properly documented lineage. If an unfortunate situation should arise and you cannot keep your dog, we require that you contact us FIRST for assistance. Please note that under no circumstances should your dog be placed in an animal shelter.

Annabelle Doodles of New England

.Please click on the AnnaBlog link for updates.


Contact Info: Joyce Tabor 207-676-5579 |Address: 335 Lebanon Road, North Berwick, Maine


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