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Everyone always wonders what our pups look like after they leave here and go to live with their new families. Many thanks to these wonderful people for sharing the following photos! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

PLEASE NOTE: All other pups produced can be seen on the AnnaBlog just by clicking the identified litters (i.e. Maple x Rumple, etc.). Once the links show up in the middle section, click on them.


Lucy & Friend - Annabelle x Maestro 2nd Litter

Babette - Annabelle x Neptune Litter

Brinkley - Harriet x Brickie Litter

Ezra - Harriet x Brickie Litter

Fuzzer - Annabelle x Neptune Litter

Harriet Potter - Annabelle x Brickie Litter

Henry - Annabelle x Neptune Litter

Jonsey - Annabelle x Neptune Litter

Marley - Annabelle x Neptune Litter

Moose - Harriet x Brickie Litter

Sketch - Annabelle x Neptune Litter

Augie - Annabelle x Maestro 1st Litter

Daisy - Annabelle x Maestro 1st Litter

Molly - Annabelle x Maestro 1st Litter

Norman - Annabelle x Maestro 1st Litter

Rachel - Annabelle x Maestro 1st Litter

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