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Code of Ethics


Annabelle Doodle litters are home raised. We serve a homemade, organically raised raw food diet with plenty of fresh water for 9 weeks. Diet, health and lots of loving attention are the foundation of our breeding program. We are NOT a kennel.

We employ the following breeding practices:

Annabelles Ready!

  • If we naturally breed, we will only use studs that are in good health and who have had a Brucellosis test ( a test for canine sexually transmitted diseases) just prior to the breeding.  We use Artificial Insemination as well as natural breedings.
  • Any stud used must be physically sound and of social temperament. No stud will ever be used suspected of any serious defect or disease. Proof of health clearances are required and filed in our office.
  • Annabelle Doodle parents will have at a minimum:
    • Appropriate hip tests through PennHip and OFA.
    • An annual eye check that is certified normal by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) or a report from an ACVO Board certified canine ophthalmologist .
    • An annual genetic Thyroid panel within normal TgAA levels.
    • Annual blood tests for any chemical or organ disorders.
    • PRA eye disease through a DNA clearance or 'hard copy' parental proof
    • von Willandbrand DNA proof of no bleeding disorders.
    • OFA certified Elbow, Stifle and Heart clearances
    • Please go to each individual dog's page for their testing scores in our AnnaBlog.
  • All puppies will be appropriately socialized, micro chipped, worm checked,, temperament tested and vet certified healthy prior to placement. Placement for any of our puppies will be at 9 weeks.
  • We do not take breeding puppies lightly and the safety and welfare of our pups requires an open and honest communication between all prospective buyers and us. If an unforeseen situation should arise and you cannot keep your puppy, please call us FIRST.
  • We keep accurate and thorough breeding records. You can expect a bill of sale, a correct generation pedigree and a health data sheet.   We will always be honest when dealing with matters such as pedigrees, test clearances or inherited minor defects.
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